Have you ever regretted your decisions or have you ever felt confused over your choices?

The world is expanding and getting more complex day by day, there are way too many choices with different trade-offs to make in our lives. So, we find ourselves frustrated and unhappy with our decisions, big or small. Perhaps there is another way, perhaps technology can help us in this challenge, perhaps happiness is achievable by utilising Complex AI.

The following is the transcribe from the TEDx Talk given on 1st of August 2020 at TEDxAstonUniversity event.

I remember a sunny day when I was 14, my parents called me to get ready as we were going on a regular car trip. And as I was a teenager, I pushed to the be in the front-seat because I wanted to be cool. …

In memory of Clayton M. Christensen, who took one big idea about the power of innovation to disrupt and change all of our lives. May he rest in peace.

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It is irrefutable that AI would transform the consultancy sector, promising to provide clients with better, more reliable insights while at the same time reducing costs. Nevertheless, this is only the starting point as the next milestone for AI is to automate complex decisions or at least provide assistance in decision-making processes in order to achieve optimal value and add competitive advantage.

The Market:

Since the term “disruptive innovation” first introduced by former BCG consultant Clayton Christensen in 1995, disruptive innovations have been challenging incumbents in every field, from doctors to drivers. According to an MIT review, AI currently and for the foreseeable future is one the most critical market-disrupting powers. However, many still need to consider how profoundly AI can impact even highly skilled knowledge-based industries. As this revolutionary technology develops, more businesses are gradually contemplating incorporating AI or automation into their day-to-day processes. The management consultancy sector is no exception, A $300 billion industry packed with many of the world’s smartest minds. Consultancies continue to see themselves as a privileged, untouchable elite of the business world. Nonetheless, it is susceptible to the same market forces that disrupting every industry and among a variety of other aspects, AI is already revolutionising the way consultants collect and interpret data.


Sam Beni

Technology Futurist | Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Ex-Intel | Speaker | Advisor | Complex AI | DaaS | Emerging Technologies www.sambeni.com

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